NPR Asks the Vital Question, "What is Wrong with You People?"

Journalism is in a sorry state nowadays, and it’s not just because journalists are liberal, and it’s not just because they are shameless shills for liberal causes. They seem to have some kind of obstruction in their brains that makes it impossible for them to believe that anyone could disagree with their worldview.

Therefore, when confronted with people who do disagree with them, they don’t look at the merits of the opposing argument. They look at what must be wrong with these crazy people that they could think such things.

GetReligion looks at yet another case of this as NPR explores the dark, sinister motives that keep people from loving Obama as much as they do. I’ll give you three guesses:

So what, according to this report, is another X-factor in the Ohio River Valley, in this tense election?

Additionally, he says, President Obama’s race seems to be a factor with at least a portion of these voters.
“But you also have to remember that Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and especially among evangelicals, that makes them uncomfortable,” he says, “so they don’t have a natural fit on the Republican side, either.”

This issue of racist Bible-thumpers is explored, just a bit, in the rest of the report with quotes from the locals — who are said to be reluctant to talk about race, period.
However, there is no evidence — other than the Cohen quote — that this damning connection exists for significant numbers of voters. Perhaps this claim is simply so true that it does not need to be defended and to quote authorities on the other side would be another case of that whole “false balance” argument that is growing in popularity, these days.
But has anyone seen hard, factual evidence that voters — Republicans and Democrats — who are conservative on moral and cultural issues are more likely to be hesitant to vote for African-Americans?

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