New York Times Encounters Bizarre Subculture of Committed Christians

With Tim Tebow in New York, expect to see a lot more of this: The New York Times, in a lame, superficial way, asks, “What’s up with this whole waiting-until-marriage thing, and who are the weirdos who do it?” Get Religion looks at the Times‘ attempt at urban anthropology:

The largely clinical portrayal of “chaste Christians” lacks any real spiritual or religious depth.
The top of the story:

Trinity Laurel moved to Manhattan at 21 to pursue a modeling career. Raised in a Christian home, Laurel was a virgin when she reached the city, and says she has “remained pure” while living here since.
Not all of her friends can relate.
“They’re like, ‘How do you do that?’ ” Laurel, now 28, said. “People are almost fascinated.”
Welcome to New York, Tim Tebow. Now that the Jets have broken training camp and Tebow, a famous chaste Christian, becomes a full-time New Yorker, it has become a common, and mildly amusing, pastime to fret about the temptations he might face or the potential loneliness he might suffer.

It has become a common, and mildly amusing, pastime … Seriously? Pastime among whom? Among average New Yorkers? Or in a specific elite American newsroom? But I digress.

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