Good Grief, Bloomberg Needs a Hobby

With his apparently copious free time, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg continues his project to infantilize all of his subjects constituents:

People nervously waiting around in New York City hospitals for loved ones to come out of surgery can’t smoke. In a few months from now, they can’t have a supersized fast-food soda. And soon, they won’t even be able to get a candy bar out of the vending machine or a piece of fried chicken from the cafeteria. 

In one of his latest health campaigns, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is aiming to banish sugary and fatty foods from both public and private hospitals. 

In recent years, the city’s 15 public hospitals have cut calories in patients’ meals and restricted the sale of sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks at vending machines. But now the city is tackling hospital cafeteria food, too. And the Healthy Hospital Food Initiative is expanding its reach: In the past year, 16 private hospitals have signed on. 


The cafeteria crackdown will ban deep fryers, make leafy green salads a mandatory option and allow only healthy snacks to be stocked near the cafeteria entrance and at cash registers. At least half of all sandwiches and salads must be made or served with whole grains. Half-size sandwich portions must be available for sale.

Again, I ask the question:

If people can’t be trusted to make good decisions on everyday matters like how much Coke they should drink, then why should they be allowed to vote? If they’re incapable of making decisions on their own, in their best interests, how can you trust them to choose their leaders? Shouldn’t their vote be taken away to prevent them from hurting not just themselves, but all of society with their bad judgement?

It’s starting to look like maybe New Yorkers should have their vote taken away.

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