Exodus Now

E.W. Jackson is calling for an exodus of black Christians from the Democratic party. I’m not black, and I’m not a Democrat, but, dang, he has my attention: If he’s successful, maybe we can get him to launch a push to get white Christians out of the Democratic party too. And then all other colors … Read more

Still More About Polling

Like I said, there’s going to be a lot of this. Charlie Martin has quite an enlightening post about what goes into producing a poll, and what that means for their credibility: The thing about this is that these people have been picked as closely as possible to be a random sample. Ideally, they use … Read more

Skewed Polling: We All Know How Painful That Can Be

We’re going to be hearing a lot about “skewed polls” between now and the election, because a lot of the big polls are showing Obama with a sizable lead, and as Rush said, “If that’s true, it’s over.” So, Romney supporters will believe that the polls aren’t true because Romney supporters need to believe the … Read more

The Homosexuality Debate is Not a Debate

Justin Taylor has a post where he asks how Christians should respond to the gauntlet that faces them whenever they try to argue against homosexuality and for traditional sexual morality. He includes a lot of interesting links, including this one from Trevin Wax called “How I Wish the Homosexuality Debate Would Go,” in which he … Read more

Good Grief, Bloomberg Needs a Hobby

With his apparently copious free time, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg continues his project to infantilize all of his subjects constituents: People nervously waiting around in New York City hospitals for loved ones to come out of surgery can’t smoke. In a few months from now, they can’t have a supersized fast-food soda. And soon, they … Read more

Your Go-To Source for All Chick-Fil-A-Related Information

In an effort to become for Chick-Fil-A what the E! network is for the Kardashians (except without the draining of America’s collective IQ), I continue devote an exorbitantly high percentage of my output to the fried chicken chain. Today, Bill McGurn examines the latest volley in the war on Truett Cathy’s gift to mankind: Now … Read more

Vince Young: A More Athletic M.C. Hammer

Former pro football player Vince Young (“Former”? Wow, that career went by fast, huh?) is almost broke. How did he get that way? Among other things, by spending $5000 dollars a week at the Cheesecake Factory: According to Clay Travis, Vince Young spent $5,000 a week at the Cheesecake Factory. This report came from the … Read more

Chick-Fil-A Don’t Swing That Way

Counting on the mainstream media to produce accurate reporting about Chick-Fil-A is like… counting on the mainstream media to produce accurate reporting about anything else, really. Last week, there was a widely-reported story that Chick-Fil-A had caved to pressure and agreed to stop supporting pro-traditional marriage organizations. Turns out that story, like many widely-reported stories, … Read more

The Laffer Curve

This video at Prager University explains the Laffer Curve, which in turn explains why raising tax rates doesn’t always raise revenue. It’s a very handy thing to know when you’re arguing with dumb people about why taxes are bad. They may not pick up on it without a visual aid, so be sure to bring … Read more

Did Chick-Fil-A Just Cave?

I’m not ready to quite believe it, but I need to hear some clarification from the company tout suite: The Christian-rooted fast food restaurant agreed to stop funding groups such as Focus on the Family that oppose same-sex marriage in a meeting with the Chicago politician who had been blocking the company’s move there. Chick-fil-A … Read more

You’ve Seen One Evangelical, You’ve Seen ‘Em All

That’s what people outside the church seem to think, judging by the way evangelicals are referred to as one monolithic unit (side note: if you got to this site by searching Google for “monolithic unit,” I apologize for your disappointment). But of course that’s not true; different groups of evangelicals see the mission of the … Read more

At What Point Does This Cult of Personality Stuff Start to Creep People Out?

Here’s your updated American flag, on sale now at the Obama for America store: If you’re cool with this, how would you have responded if George W. Bush had replaced the stars on the flag with a big “W”? Is nobody creeped out by this stuff? You know, the replacement of American symbolism with Obama … Read more

Who Pays Taxes?

Via you know who, a story told in graphs of who really bears the tax burden in America, including these beauties: Taxes paid by income quintile: Sources of federal revenue:  Tax hikes under Obama’s budget:

Is There Such a Thing as a "Risk Premium"?

One author says no, there isn’t. And so you should stop betting on all those long shots: I think the example of horse racing probably explains this best. Researchers have found that betting on the long-shot has had the worst payoff. My guess is that in any given race, the long-shot will draw interest from … Read more

Criminalizing Speech

Below is a video clip that I’ve seen referenced a couple of times lately. It’s an exchange from July between Representative Trent Franks and Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez about the criminalizing of speech that’s critical of religion. It’s not necessarily new information, but in light of recent events, I think you’ll understand why it’s … Read more

Does the Universe Need God?

According to physics, that is. Prosblogion explores the question, as asked by a CalTech physicist, of whether the the physical explanations of the universe need a philosophical explanation to explain them. And if you’re following that so far, and if you like words like “metaphysical” and “ontological,” you are gonna love this: Near the beginning … Read more

It’s Not About the Movie

GetReligion on the shallowness and stupidity of trying to appease Islamists by punishing people who make movies they don’t like: Probably the most annoying thing I personally feel about all of the unbelievably focused outrage directed at the “movie” as the “spark,” “catalyst” or “trigger” for the riots is the way it makes Muslim rioters … Read more

Gospel-Centered Marriage

Justin Taylor talks to author Tim Savage about his book No Ordinary Marriage and having a gospel-centered marriage:

Where are the Defenders of Free Speech?

GetReligion on the media watchdog that keeps on not barking: Now the guy in question has been taken in by federal authorities for questioning. Obviously this Nakoula Nakoula (these names!) sounds like a most unsavory character. Supposedly he’s being questioned about his probation status. But the only reason people in any way care about him … Read more

Pictures from America’s Obituary

Conservatives–especially the extreme, radical kind of conservatives like me and the people I meet at our regular “Gun-Fondling, Bible-Thumping, and Fried Chicken” festivals–tend to be on the pessimistic side. America, in their view, is forever on a slippery slope to tyranny, just one election away from losing our rights, under the creeping shadow of totalitarianism, … Read more