So, What is This "Paul Ryan Budget" You Speak Of?

“I’ve found the key to unlock Paul Ryan’s budget!”

You’ll be hearing a lot about the “Paul Ryan budget” over the coming weeks. But rather than giving details about it, mainstream media sources will probably treat it like an unholy incantation from the book of the dead. I expect the thrust of the coverage to be, basically, “It’s evil! Run away!”

So, if you want to learn what this whole “Ryan budget” thing is, you’re going to have to hunt down the information yourself. As a service to my fantastic readers, I’m going to repost everything I can find here, so you can at least make an educated decision about it.

First off, here’s Ryan’s own explanation of his ideas, in a series of videos that are actually fairly entertaining, as much as YouTube videos about federal entitlement programs can be.

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