Is It Cool to Reform Your School?

The Naomi Shaefer Riley thinks that education reform is what all the cool kids are doing now:

Maggie Gyllenhaal, the ultimate hipster actress, stars in “Won’t Back Down,” an education-reform drama that hits theaters next month. When did school choice became cool? 

The film is the tale of two parents (one a teacher) who decide to save their own kids and many others by taking over a failing school in a poor Pittsburgh neighborhood. 

This follows “Waiting for ‘Superman,’” the 2010 documentary that depicted the fortunes of those desperately competing for a place at a charter school — from the same progressive filmmaker who gave us “An Inconvenient Truth.” 

In fact, a whole lot of 20- and 30-somethings across the political spectrum now believe something’s seriously flawed in our public-education system. (You can bet Gyllenhaal wouldn’t have taken the role otherwise.)

I wouldn’t get too excited. “Upstart teacher who fights to make a difference in kids’ lives” is a pretty common plot line in Hollywood, but they never seem to follow the thread to explain why the school sucks so bad in the first place that Michelle Pfeiffer’s intervention is necessary.

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