Ode to the Trapper Keeper

In honor of back-to-school season, Engadget posts an ode to the legendary Trapper Keeper: It’s just the original nerd gadget of the ’80s. It’s just the greatest pre-tablet gadget ever. It’s just a thing that made high school bearable for those of us who would have rather been copying the programs out of the back of Compute! magazine. It was …

Artur Davis Speech

My feelings about Artur Davis are quickly moving from respect to moon-eyed schoolgirl crush. Here’s his Republican Convention speech: “This sweet, blessed, God-inspired place called America…” Just soak that in for a minute. How nice it is to see a politician say something like that out in public.

Christianity and Islam

Via Justin Taylor, a series of videos from Michael Horton discussing Christianity and Islam.┬áHere’s the first: