And Now, Some Reasonable, Accurate Coverage of Christian Education

Hahahahahaha! Just kidding! It’s more of the same! This time it’s Mother Jones enlightening us with “wacky facts” kids will supposedly learn in Louisiana’s Christian private schools. They provide a list of these facts, which I’m sure are accurately reported and not distorted in any way and treated with every bit as much respect as … Read more

So, What is This "Paul Ryan Budget" You Speak Of?

“I’ve found the key to unlock Paul Ryan’s budget!” You’ll be hearing a lot about the “Paul Ryan budget” over the coming weeks. But rather than giving details about it, mainstream media sources will probably treat it like an unholy incantation from the book of the dead. I expect the thrust of the coverage to … Read more

The Case Against Re-election

So you think, “I want to vote against Obama, but I can’t really explain why.” Well friend, Charles Krauthammer is here to help you: Obama’s ideology — and the program that followed — explains the failure of these four years.  What program? Obama laid it out boldly in a series of major addresses during the … Read more