That Side Was Made for You and Me

Lee Habeeb points out why Woody Guthrie sucks:

Along with the thousands of songs Guthrie wrote, he penned columns under the title “Woody Sez” for the People’s World and the Daily Worker, both papers published by the Communist Party USA. And although there is no evidence that he ever joined the Communist Party — Guthrie was too much of a vagabond and general crank to join a club that would accept him as a member — he even managed to shower Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin with praise. 

Guthrie was the first musical icon of the 20th century to make it cool to sing songs about the workers’ revolution, ushering in the later tunes of Phil Ochs; Joan Baez; Billy Bragg; Jackson Browne; Crosby, Stills and Nash; Green Day; and the Clash.

If he had anything to do with encouraging the career of Jackson Browne, his memory should be cursed forever for that alone. Be sure to follow the link and find out about the little-heard verse that will change the way you think about “This Land Is Your Land.”

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