Religious Battles to Come

The Center for Law and Religion Forum see foreshadowing of future clashes in the Chick-Fil-A gay marriage dust-up:

The controversy does reveal something ominous, though. As Robert George and others have written, the coming clash over religious freedom in America will likely involve sexuality: abortion, contraception, pornography, same-sex marriage, and so on. On sexuality, progressives seem increasingly unable even to understand the worldview of traditional religious communities like Muslims, Evangelical Christians, Orthodox Jews, and the Catholic Church. The intuitions are totally different: what traditional religious communities can’t help but see as common sense, progressives can’t help but see as psychological repression and bigotry. Disagreement is profound. Clashes may be very ugly, indeed.

The attacks on Chick-Fil-A may die down, but the conflict between traditional religion and progressive politics is far from over.

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