Now If They Could Just Get Off Facebook for Five Minutes and Get a Job

A new Facebook game aims to teach 20-somethings about financial responsibility:

Kicked Out’s storyline begins as you are forced to leave your parents house. In order to survive, you must manage your personal finances and make long-term decisions while avoiding debt traps. Players learn how to take a loan, avoid debt, check balances on a regular basis and not overspend on what you earn. Throughout the game, you’ll never hear the word money, rather you’ll learn to manage “resources.” 

“Teenagers have a very skewed expectation of their future salaries and costs of living,” Norton says. “They don’t realize that if they buy a cat, it’s not just the cost of the cat, but also the vet visits and its food.”

Add finances to the list of things we used to learn in school that Facebook teaches us now, like how to awkwardly communicate with girls and how to look busy when an authority figure walks up behind you.

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