It’s Science! So Shut Up!

Rand Simberg points out how environmentalism is the easiest science ever. Not matter what happens, your theory is always right! (College football players looking for an easy major, take note):

See, nothing wrong with their models — it’s reality that’s mistaken. And now that Gaia is finally starting to behave properly, at least in the tiny portion of it comprised of the continental U.S., Trenberth is doing a victory dance. 

These people are engaged in a form of a logical fallacy called “begging the question” (a phrase often misused by people who simply mean “raising the question”) or circular reasoning. That is, they are assuming as a premise the conclusion of their argument. “Our theory predicts weather like this. We are seeing weather like this. Therefore it looks like our theory and our theory is valid.” But beyond that, what they are putting forth is a fundamentally unscientific theory, because it seems to be unfalsifiable. A few years ago, frustrated by the embarrassingly strong correlation between a speech by high priest Al Gore and record-cold weather at the speaking venue, they realized that they had to stop calling it “global warming,” and just call it “climate change.” Because “climate change” could explain any weather event.

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