Here’s a Question That’s More Relevant than Ever

CrossingWallStreet asks, “What happens if people start to leave America?

Instead of looking for an economic stat, I think we should instead worry about a social stat. More specifically, it will truly be time to worry when we see the beginnings of emigration—if there’s a noticeable movement of young people and more entrepreneurial-minded citizens leaving the United States. 

America is an exception to most countries in the world in that it has never experienced, to my knowledge, a large migration of people out of the country. When my ancestors left Ireland 170 years ago, that country was far larger than it is today. The idea of a shrinking population is nearly unthinkable to Americans. We’ve always gotten bigger. But could we one day see Americans pull up roots and move out? I’m not even speaking of a mass movement, but at least a noticeable one. 

The question boils down to asking, “What are the benefits of American citizenship?” Will some people believe that the idea has been so diluted that it’s not worth the bother? The total debt works out to roughly $50,000 per head. Surely some young family must wonder why they should stay here and have a child who will be born owing so much, especially when they feel they won’t see the benefits of it.

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