If This is Going to Become an All-Chick-Fil-A Blog, I’m Going to Want a Sponsorship

And it just might, if liberal zealots keep trying to make Chick-Fil-A hatred their test for ideological purity. This time it’s Boston–home to great patriots and freedom fighters–deciding to turn its righteous ire on purveyors of quality fried chicken and milkshakes: … the sexual revolution is now well into its totalitarian phase. Boston mayor Thomas Menino gives us another … Read more

Un-American? At Least.

Reason magazine asks, “Are Obama’s ideas un-American?” Um, is a bean green? Obama has it all backward. It is the charity of a prosperous free society that allows people to become community organizers or attain “free” health care. Washington rarely helps the free market prosper, but a prosperous private sector is what allows Washington to … Read more