"Wait Til Your Father Gets Home! No, the Other One"

California legislature seeks to grant legal parenthood of a child to more than two people: The bill by Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, would allow judges to recognize multiple parents in cases where children would be best served by several parental relationships. All parents would still have to meet existing standards for legal parenthood. Because … Read more

A Special Gift for Your Favorite Supreme Court Justice

Hey, look what Amazon recommended for me this morning:   Reading Law: The Interpretation of Legal Texts, by Antonin Scalia I know somebody who could use a copy of this! Although now a copy probably falls and hits Roberts in the head every time he opens the door to his office.

Here’s a Question That’s More Relevant than Ever

CrossingWallStreet asks, “What happens if people start to leave America?“ Instead of looking for an economic stat, I think we should instead worry about a social stat. More specifically, it will truly be time to worry when we see the beginnings of emigration—if there’s a noticeable movement of young people and more entrepreneurial-minded citizens leaving … Read more