Today in News That Will Be Completely Ignored

The Southern Baptist Convention is about to elect its first black president. He must be quite a guy, considering he achieved this high post in spite of the recent trouble we’ve been having with another first black president.

It’s a big deal, but since this news from the SBC doesn’t involve a heated argument over whether you could beat your wife with a sock full of oranges or just your open hand (danged liberals and their “no sock full of oranges” policy!), you won’t hear much about it in mainstream outlets. If journalists had do deal with a story that was so contrary to the narrative they’ve worked so hard to establish, their little brains might explode.

Walter Russell Mead comments:

This is an extremely encouraging sign, one of which all Americans should be proud. Unfortunately many uninformed Americans, among which can be included a very large group of New York Times readers, have little contact with, knowledge about or respect for evangelicals of any color. “Evangelical = Republican = Racist” is one of the core pillars of the Upper West Side worldview. The election of a black president of the Southern Baptists should change that comfortable certainty, but it probably won’t.

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