Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition

Justin Taylor highlights a new series of books on “Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition” and interviews editor David Dockery:

Why do we need something like this? 

We believe that this series is needed at this time to remind ourselves and to help others recognize the importance of serious thinking about God, Scripture, and the world.  We believe that Christians need a renewed emphasis on these things in order that the truth claims of the Christian faith can be passed along from one generation to the next.

And the explanation of the need for such a series is spot-on:

Unfortunately, many institutions take an either/or approach to this matter, thinking that they must choose between academic excellence or Christian commitment.  The result has been a long list of institutions, since the days of Harvard University, who have walked away from their Christian commitments and their connections to the churches.  On the other hand, there are some institutions that have focused only on Christian faithfulness and authentic piety, but have avoided serious academic work.  We must avoid this “either/or” approach to higher education.  Likewise we need to avoid models that separate head and heart, faith and reason, or Christian tradition and intellectual inquiry.  We need a coherent approach to Christian thinking and living that seeks to bring these matters together rather than separating them from one another.

I, for one, just appreciate any excuse to put “Christian” and “intellectual” in the same sentence. Keep it coming.

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