Obama’s Win-Win Immigration Edict

You ever get that feeling that either you’re crazy or everybody else is? I get that feeling when I see analysis of Obama like this:

We’re not creating enough jobs to keep up with population growth as it is.  With this new policy in place, Obama will introduce hundreds of thousands of suddenly-eligible workers into an economy with an 8.2% nominal unemployment rate, a 14.8% U-6 un/underemployed rate, with a civilian participation rate that has plummeted from 65.7% at the start of the Obama recovery in June 2009 (the same as it was when he took office, too) to 63.8%, lower than it was when Reagan faced his first midterm election.  Those who are already struggling to find jobs are not only going to face more competition for those slots, the glut of labor will depress entry-level wages even further.

When are we going to stop treating Obama like a regular politician who cares about stuff like this? Am I the only person who realizes that the usual rules don’t apply anymore?

The main question after his naturalization proclamation has been, “Doesn’t the President realize how much more difficult this will make the job market?” Of course he does! That’s part of the plan!

If he adds a million new Hispanic immigrants to the population, that’s a million more people who will vote Democrat this election. If he adds a million more people who can’t find a job and have to go on government assistance, that’s a million more people who will vote Democrat forever. It’s win-win!

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