Against Religious Liberty

Was Obamacare’s direct opposition to Catholic teachings on contraception accidental, an oversight in a very complicated law? Or is it part of a very purposeful undermining of religious faith that grows from the fundamental ideology of Obama and fellow travelers? Duh, what do you think?

The ideological commitments that have emboldened the Obama administration about contraception are deeply held. They are held to be very important. They are resilient. They are not limited to the reproductive rights supposedly protected by access to contraception, even when contraception is broadly defined to include abortifacient drugs. These deep convictions about liberty and equality and religion entail trouble for religious liberty, no matter which exit route the present mandate takes. 

I say “entail” advisedly, too. Religious liberty in the new dispensation is derivative of these deeper moral and (as we shall see) epistemological commitments. Religious liberty is, from this point of view, an afterthought, a residue which is unfortunately too vaporous to protect Catholic institutions from existential crises.

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