Who Wants to Learn All About Mormonism?

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you want to or not; the mainstream media is going to spend the rest of the election cycle bombarding us with Mormon tidbits like jewelry store junk mail before Valentine’s Day. Ann Althouse highlights one big, fat entry in the NY Times, and asks some pertinent questions:

But what I’d like to know is what Barack and Michelle Obama are picturing for the afterlife. NYT, can you clue me in? Because I feel like there are so many things we never found out about Obama the first time around in 2008. How about now? 

But, of course, Jodi Kantor published a whole book about the Obamas. It’s called “The Obamas.” I bought it. On Kindle! So let me do a little search for an answer to my question. How are the Obama’s planning to spend their eternal life? Do they believe there’s a heaven, and do husbands and wives stay together there? 

Word searches in “The Obamas” that returned 0 results: afterlife, afterworld, immortality, immortal, beyond the grave….  

Other fruitless searches: eternal (2 matches, both to Obama’s calling himself “the eternal optimist”), eternity (some short period of time is referred to as “an eternity in presidential time”), heaven (at the inauguration, Beyoncé Knowles sang “At Last” to the Obamas — “Life is like a song… Here we are in heaven”). 

In fact, there are only 2 occurrences of “religion” in the text of “The Obamas.”

If we’re going to get all this about Mitt Romney, and we are, I want to hear some dadgum details about the Obamas’ religious philosophy. Anybody who says that Obama’s church or pastor or religious background is off-limits is an idiot.

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