The Lovitz Curve

It’s the same idea (kinda) as the Laffer Curve, but it’s the Lovitz Curve: a graph that shows how much class warfare rhetoric Hollywood liberals will tolerate before they start to revolt:

Just as in a Laffer Curve, Revenue and Support from Hollywood (RASH) is at a minimum for any politician who (like President Reagan, for example) doesn’t engage in talk of class warfare and refuses to demonize the rich; but it would also be at a minimum for any politician who’s so extreme (like Lenin, for example) that he’s likely to forcibly confiscate all the money and mansions of the wealthy Hollywood hypocrites. Somewhere in the middle, there is a perfect “sweet spot” for class warfare rhetoric that ensures maximum RASH –  strong enough rhetoric to demonstrate your liberalism, but not so strong as to go “the full Vladimir.”

Make sure to follow the link to see the graphs. All will then become clear.

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