Clarence Thomas for President?

I typically don’t swear (especially when it’s not football season), but there’s only one way to respond to this: Not just “Yeah!” but “Hells yeah!”:

There’s speculation that party insiders, unhappy with the current field, might float the candidacy of someone not now in the race, like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie or Jeb Bush.

While Christie and Bush might be fine candidates, perhaps the Republicans should consider a more inspired and game-changing pick: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

I’ve never given money to any kind of political campaign, but if Clarence Thomas ran for president, I would take out a second mortgage on my house and give it to him.

Which of course is a clear sign that it will never happen, because neither major political party is interested in fielding candidates that appeal to people like me (i.e., people who don’t give money to political parties). But this will make for good daydream fodder, and may even displace my Coulter/Nugent (or Nugent/Coulter) dream ticket.

Even better, I’ll take Instapundit’s word for it that he wouldn’t have to resign if he ran, and maybe not even if he won.

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