C.S. Lewis Speaks for Me Better than I Do

It’s a good think I have C.S. Lewis quotes to explain what I think, otherwise it would never get out. Here’s the latest one I’ve found, posted by Justin Taylor:

For my own part, I tend to find the doctrinal books often more helpful in devotion than the devotional books, and I rather suspect that the same experience may await others.

I believe that many who find that ‘nothing happens’ when they sit down, or kneel down, to a book of devotion, would find that the heart sings unbidden while they are working their way through a tough bit of theology with a pipe in their teeth and a pencil in their hand.

Except for me, replace “a pipe” with “Cheetos.”

3 thoughts on “C.S. Lewis Speaks for Me Better than I Do”

  1. This makes a lot of sense.
    Just like the hymns/songs that make me feel most like I love God are not the pones that focus on how I feel (because if I don’t feel that way, the song won’t change anything) but what he’s like.


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