The Entrepreneurial Church

Walter Russell Mead on the evolution of the church in the 21st century: It’s not clear yet what the next wave of American Christianity will look like—though it will probably be less denominational than the last—and both theologically and culturally it will be more diverse. But as the millennials begin to start families, reflect on … Read more

The Secret Sauce of "Duck Dynasty"

(Get it? Duck? Sauce? I’ll be here all week.) Rob Sumrall thinks he knows the real reason for the wild popularity of Duck Dynasty: I believe America is tired of the  ”Jerry Springer-ization” that afternoon television has wrought upon us.  We are weary of pregnancy tests that tell who the baby’s daddy is and sisters … Read more

How Can I Support Hobby Lobby?

I don’t sew, or bake, or arrange flowers, or scrapbook, or paint, or use hot glue for anything, but Hobby Lobby just became my new favorite store: Following a decision by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor denying Hobby Lobby’s request for an exemption from the Obama administration’s HHS mandate, the Christian retail company said it … Read more

Today’s Confirmation That We Are Very Near the End of Civilization

The London Telegraph reports that the tenth most popular Christmas gift requested by children is “a dad.”

Less Cynical About Christian

Is actor Christian Bale secretly a nice guy? Signs point to “yes”: He went to Aurora (as a private individual, not a representative of the Warner Brothers studio) to offer his condolences to the victims of the massacre, and his gratitude to the hospital staff at the Swedish Medical Center and The Medical Center of … Read more

US Justice Department v. Little Sisters of the Poor

GetReligion covers the still-invisible-to-the-mainstream-media conflict between Obamacare and religious organizations: I would argue that it would be hard to imagine a more symbolic showdown than, literally, the U.S. Justice Department vs. The Little Sisters of the Poor. That, friends and neighbors, is a headline. The fines hitting the various branches of this poverty-based religious order … Read more

Terrifying Economic Numbers

Lately, it seems like there aren’t any other kind. If you think your heart can stand it, Zero Hedge posts a list of 75 economic numbers that are almost too crazy to believe, including winners like: #2 Back in the 1970s, about one out of every 50 Americans was on food stamps.  Today, about one … Read more

The Case Against Same Sex Marriage in 5 Minutes

Via Joe Carter, my favorite part is the crickets: A great summary of the non-religious case for traditional marriage, full of simple, plain-spoken fact. So it will mean absolutely nothing to gay marriage advocates.

A Kick Ass "Carol of the Bells"

It’s the only way to describe it. From the University of Mobile Christmas Spectacular: (Via Justin Taylor)

Redeeming Santa

As a Christian, what do you tell your kids about Santa Claus? My wife and I are kind of at odds about this one, so I wanted to post this article from Mark Driscoll to show that he is completely and totally on my side! Influential pastor validation, baby! So, as the parents of five … Read more

Father Christmas: One Bad Mother

Conversion Diary turns us on to the true story of St. Nicholas, summarized below:

Questions about Gun Control

Some interesting questions for gun control advocates from Insta-you-know-who: Why do people who favor gun-control call people who disagree with them murderers or accomplices to murder? Is that constructive? Would any of the various proposals have actually prevented the tragedy that is the supposed reason for them? When you say you hope that this event … Read more

The Template for Tragedy

If anything has come from the recent rash of mass shootings in America, we’ve learned the pattern that these events usually follow: 1) Mass shooting happens. 2) Reporters kick aside whatever back-bench politician or minor Kardashian they’re talking to at the time and descend on the site of the shooting like a Biblical plague. Immediately … Read more

Edible College Football Mascot Countdown

If you’re getting the jittery sweats trying to find college football-related stories now that the season is over, be advised that EDSBS is counting down all 124 Division I football mascots in descending order of edibility. Including: 79. Western Kentucky Hilltopper. Assume a consistency like that of fake bacon dog treats, and a similar flavor.  … Read more

That’s a Nice Economy You Have There. I’d Hate for Anything to Happen To It

On, a little perspective on what taxes really are from Sheldon Richman (Ha! Get it? He’s a Richman, so he’s against taxes! Golly, wordplay is fun.): Far from some enlightened institution, taxation began when conquerors realized that formal and continuing appropriation of a subject population’s wealth was preferable to hit-and-run pillaging. For this to … Read more

The Devout Dave Brubeck

Thanks to all the memorialists who needed to pick a song to play over their tribute to the late Dave Brubeck, I’ve had “Take Five” so thoroughly pounded into my brain that it knocked out some other important information (if anyone knows FDR’s first vice president or my pants size, please leave a note in … Read more

When Did the Midwest Become the Weimar Republic?

I know it’s bad form to compare people to Nazis. But it’s also bad form to shout “Fire” in a crowded theater… unless the theater is actually on fire! First Wisconsin and now Michigan have been swarmed by labor union thugs trying to take over the duly elected state government. These people are brownshirts, and … Read more

Doobie Unto Others…

Washington pastor Mark Driscoll reveals stoners’ favorite Bible verses and presents a Christian take on recreational pot use: Frankly, I think that our entire Western culture is addicted to self-medication with food, alcohol, pot and other drugs, sex, prescriptions, etc. My doctor is a naturopath, and I am one who prefers to avoid prescriptions for … Read more

The Beard that Conquered Western Civilization

Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan’s beard is taking on all of Western Civilization. So far, the beard is winning. GetReligion’s coverage includes this bit from the AP report: The military’s highest court ousted the judge in the Fort Hood shooting case Monday and threw out his order to have the suspect’s beard forcibly shaved before … Read more