The Top 25 Christian Films of All Time

Over at Big Hollywood, they’re soliciting suggestions for a countdown of the top 25 greatest Christian films. What do they mean by that? Well… A few guidelines: These films should be openly Christian. I’m not interested in allegory or even subtlety. “Lord of the Rings” and “Narnia” are terrific, but once the floodgates open to … Read more

Book Review: The Selfless Gene, Or God Really Wants Us All to Be Filthy Hippies

I recently had the opportunity (courtesy of the good folks at Booksneeze and their complementary reviewer’s copy) to read The Selfless Gene, Charles Foster’s retort to Darwinist absolutists and other atheists like Richard Dawkins who have been having such a literary field day lately.  The short version of my review is: He had me, then … Read more

Abortion’s Selma

When I first got a whiff of the story about the Philadelphia abortionist’s slaughterhouse, I thought the few details that I heard sounded gruesome.  But there have always been gruesome details about the abortion business.  America by now seemed pretty thoroughly desensitized to the whole thing. But the story keeps sticking around.  And the details … Read more

If Only Abortion Were as Rare In Real Life

Even the edgiest TV shows and movies—like the ones that nobody watches but that win all the awards—the topic of abortion is treated with kid gloves.  They’ll feature very special episodes in which a character gets unexpectedly pregnant and has to choose whether or not to have an abortion.  It’s a chance for all the … Read more

Magnetic Wristbands Are Worthless? Oh No, My World Is Collapsing!

A manufacturer of those magnetic wristbands that you see everybody wearing—the ones that claim to improve your health, strength, and balance—was forced by the Australian government to admit that its marketing claims are a bunch of hooey. In our advertising we stated that Power Balance wristbands improved your strength, balance and flexibility. We admit that … Read more

This Old Earth

The portentously named blog Evidence for God from Science has an interesting thought for the young earth creationists: Although young earth creationists say that one must put on “biblical glasses,” the Bible says that the reality of creation can be “clearly seen” from what God has made. The earth looks old because it is old. … Read more