Sometimes, Life is Like You Won Something

If there’s one constant in the human condition throughout all the flavors of humanity, it’s our inability to cope with good fortune. The better our fortune, the more it discombobulates us.

Our brains spin constantly with hopes and dreams and wishes, and then when we get the things we hope for we react like we’ve been cursed.

It’s almost like blessings tap some deep reservoir of self-loathing within us. We’re positive we don’t deserve what we have, that we didn’t do enough to earn it, and if there’s any justice in the world, it’s bound to be taken away from us as soon as people figure out what frauds we are.

“Deserve” is a relative term, but in the cosmic sense, none of deserve anything we have. We start with a life that was given to us without merit, and everything after that is gravy.

But I don’t think God set it up like that to make us feel guilty. I think He did it to teach us to be thankful. Thankful for every little thing.

Sometimes, life is like you won something, and the most holy thing we can do is just accept our gifts gratefully.

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