By "Small Business" We Mean "Charity"

While watching the seventh game of a really good World Series, I just saw a commercial for a Starbucks marketing push called It goes like this: Starbucks is teaming up with Opportunity Finance Network┬« (OFN) which is a group of community lending institutions set up to provide financing to community businesses that need our … Read more

Sometimes, Life is Like You Won Something

If there’s one constant in the human condition throughout all the flavors of humanity, it’s our inability to cope with good fortune. The better our fortune, the more it discombobulates us. Our brains spin constantly with hopes and dreams and wishes, and then when we get the things we hope for we react like we’ve … Read more

This May Very Well Become an All-Baby-Pictures Blog

He was a little later than we were expecting, but Graham Knight Anderson has finally joined us. He’s a thinker: A style maven: He’s a nine pound, ten ounce bundle of man. He’s not to be trifled with. Here, he’d like to introduce you to his two friends, Thunder and Lightning: And there are plenty … Read more

Waiting on Graham

When you write something on the internet, you might as well assume that it will be out there, somewhere, forever. With that in mind, I want to write something great on the occasion of the birth of my first child, which, if everything goes according to plan, will happen sometime later today. If this, this … Read more