Getting to Heaven the Hard Way

Among all the “rapture-palooza” stuff on the internet (and by the way, I say kooky things and make terrible predictions all the time; why don’t I get that kind of attention? Anyhoo…), I ran across this “Will You Be Raptured?” flowchart. Notice the Old Testament flavor:


I know this is all in good fun, and there’s nothing more fun than speculating about the end of the world and eternal damnation and everything. But it makes me a little sad to think that there are people whose understanding of Christianity stops here. And it makes me sadder to think that I probably sit in church with a lot of those people every Sunday.

These are the rules that Jesus died to save us from. This is what all that crucifixion stuff was about. And if people don’t know that, if they think that the above flowchart of rules is all God gives us, that’s probably why they don’t want any part of it.

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