Church Urban Legends

(Via Justin Taylor)Well, shoot, some of those great stories and illustrations that your pastor uses in the pulpit aren’t necessarily exactly true. Trevin Wax has a rundown, including: 2. The high priest tied a rope around his ankle so that others could drag him out of the Holy of Holies in case God struck him dead. Various versions of this …

Osama is Dead, Roll Tide

I couldn’t have said it better.

From the Department of Internal Contradictions

An atheist commenter once scolded me for using the phrase “evangelical atheist.” His point was that evangelism was something only the religious did. (I’d look up the post, but that would take up time that could be better spent eating the rest of the Teddy Grahams. They beckon to me from the pantry.) Anyhoo, it seems that not all atheists …

The American Street Erupts

Remember all those people who were dancing in the street in the Middle East after 9/11? Yeah, me too.