Happy Theoretical Easter!

If you’re fully to the gills with jelly beans and Peeps, ankle-deep in green plastic hay, and tired of all that soft-focus, lovey-dovey Easter sentiment, the Prosblogion is here to break down the meaning of Easter all logical and Spock-like: Why, technically, did Jesus have to die, anyway?

Here’s another hypothesis (I don’t claim it is new). Jesus, as God in human form, died for us in order to experience the consequences of sin (physical suffering and relational separation) in order to experience punishment that we deserve in order to demonstrate how much God loves us in order to motivate people to repent (be sorry of sin and pursue the Good) so that people may experience forgiveness and restoration.

[Lots of smarty-pants explanatory stuff here.]

On this view, then, God loves us so much that he is willing to experience the consequences of our sins to motivate people to experience redemption, which leads to a joyous life, now and forever.

My view on the matter is a lot like my view on gravity: we have the luxury of speculating and theorizing about why it’s here because it’s here in the first place.

I’m sure there’s a reason behind why God planned things out like He did in order to bring about our salvation. One day we’ll know, and it’ll be fun to kick around theories in the meantime. While we’re thinking about it, though, remember to be thankful that we’ve got it. Happy Easter.

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