Happy Theoretical Easter!

If you’re fully to the gills with jelly beans and Peeps, ankle-deep in green plastic hay, and tired of all that soft-focus, lovey-dovey Easter sentiment, the Prosblogion is here to break down the meaning of Easter all logical and Spock-like: Why, technically, did Jesus have to die, anyway? Here’s another hypothesis (I don’t claim it … Read more

Today’s “Too Heavy for Me” Question: What is the Process for Healing After an Abortion?

Extremely heavy, so I’ll leave it to the video (via Justin Taylor): Dr. David Powlison – What is the process of healing after an abortion? from CCEF on Vimeo.

A Little Boston Marathon Perspective

I’m not a runner, but Boston Marathon winner Geoffrey Mutai’s time of 2:03 sounded so ridiculously amazing to me that I wanted to break it down into terms that non-runners could understand. Bear with me, and please, double-check my math. There are 1760 yards in a mile, which means that in running one mile you … Read more

Tax Day Thoughts

Larry Correia speaks for all of us on tax day: You see, we face difficult times, and our noble president says that we are just going to need to give up just a little more. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME, YOU STUPID LYING GREEDY SACK OF CRAP? And: I could take 16% of my salary, … Read more

Wherein We Seek to Answer the Question, “Is Roy Moore Still Crazy?”

Ummm… yes. From the al.com report: Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore announced today that he was forming a presidential exploratory committee, telling an Iowa radio station that the country “is in a moral, economic and constitutional crisis.” … Moore has been making a series of campaign speeches in Iowa in recent weeks … Read more

Pickin’ and a Sangin’

(Via EDSBS) Holy crap: I’m going to find a poster of this guy and hang it in my locker posthaste. Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Maphis, the aptly-nicknamed King of the Strings: I just wanted this to keep going. Hand him a dulcimer! Hand him a bouzouki! Hand him a log with two nails and a … Read more