"The Bachelor" a Good Measure of the Screwed-Uppedness of Our Culture

Over on Think Christian, Jerod Clark comments on “The Bachelor” as cultural barometer:

While I can put aside some of the petty stupidity that comes along with reality television, I can’t shake how messed up the idea of love is with contestants on the show. I have to question how someone who claims they’re looking for true love can say, “Yes, the best way to find it is to go on a national game show where the prize is a marriage proposal.”

I think this is all an amplification of what the definition of love has become in society. Love has morphed into the need for attention with the side benefits of what love really is: a committed relationship. And in this quest for attention, many of these women are willing to throw out their standards for the pursuit love.

For the millions of people watching, “The Bachelor” is shaping our cultural view of love. It’s saying you have to compete for love. Plus you have to not be yourself and do things you normally wouldn’t to prove you’re worthy of love. Where’s the sacrifice? Where is the pursuit of true love over fictionalized romance? And what happens once the show’s over?

Now I’m not saying that if the devil himself had a television network, he would come up with a show just like “The Bachelor” in an effort to degrade the precious gift of marriage and make a mockery of the concept of love. Oh, wait, yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

It says bad things about our future that so many people watch “The Bachelor” and take it so seriously. It says bad things about our present that the show exists in the first place.

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  1. Agreed, I used to watch the show out of sacrifice for my wife, but I had to stop. It’s a load of crap. I’m still trying to convince my wife of the same. These women are forced to compete for this one guy, but who even knows if he is a real douchebag or not. So unrealistic. Good job making millions of women pissed at you.

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