The Top 25 Christian Films of All Time

Over at Big Hollywood, they’re soliciting suggestions for a countdown of the top 25 greatest Christian films. What do they mean by that? Well…

A few guidelines: These films should be openly Christian. I’m not interested in allegory or even subtlety. “Lord of the Rings” and “Narnia” are terrific, but once the floodgates open to that kind of thing it becomes impossible to draw any kind of line. But that doesn’t mean that the list will only include Biblical epics. There are plenty of mainstream movies, even dark and thematically complicated ones, where a Christian God is central or at least important to the story. Please feel free to nominate any of those and please feel free to nominate entries critical of the Christian faith. There’s nothing wrong with a smart, well-made, respectful story that forces us to think.

In the comments section, I went ahead and nominated Bruce Almighty, which, aside from being hi-larious, comes closer to a correct expression of Christian philosophy than any Hollywood movie I know of. Also, I would pay full price to watch Jim Carrey read a phone book.

Anyways, if you have a notion, head on over there and nominate your favorite picture.

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