This Old Earth

The portentously named blog Evidence for God from Science has an interesting thought for the young earth creationists:

Although young earth creationists say that one must put on “biblical glasses,” the Bible says that the reality of creation can be “clearly seen” from what God has made. The earth looks old because it is old. God thought humanity was worth the effort of investing billions of years of His design to adequately prepare the earth for habitation by spiritual being created in His image.

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  1. Actually, that verse says nothing about the “reality of Creation” being clearly seen. It says His power and Godhead are clearly seen; it does nothing more than to demonstrate that there is a God and the extent of His power. In making Nature something of a 67th book of the Bible, the Old Earth Creationist goes too far by making a claim of Nature that the Bible does not. Having said that, while Nature doesn’t give us the identity of this God, it strikes me as cowardly and ignorant for a man who suspects there is a God to neglect a careful search of what sort of God that must be – and what that God might expect of him!

    Rev Tony Breeden


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