It’s Clear That Newsweek Is a Waste of Paper

Remember when Newsweek used to be worth a bucket of warm spit? Yeah, me neither. But just to reinforce the fact that they’re not worth caring about, as they swirl down the drain, they continue to fire off brainless abetment of far-left conventional wisdom, like this doozy: It’s clear we overreacted to 9/11.

Today’s Headline That Made Me Fear for the Future of Humanity

So, I spent yet another long day at work, stumbled home exhausted, ate half a box of Wheat Thins, cracked open the laptop to see what the world had been up to while I was being productive, and I was greeted with this: 3% of Twitter’s Servers Dedicated to Justin Bieber Well, crap. There’s a new front runner for “Headline More …