In the Beginning Was the Word, and Then It Got Tweeted

A man in the UK plans to post the entire Bible to Twitter, under the account @BibleSummary, between now and November 2013. Well, he just better use the King James version, on account’a that’s how Jesus talked when he tweeted!

Anyways, in covering this little slice of life, if found it interesting to see what aspect of the Bible’s significance the reporter chose to lean on:

In an interview with the Telegraph,
the account’s creator, Chris Juby, made the salient point that the
Christian Bible holds an important role in Western literature.

Bible underpins so much of our culture” he said. “People like
Shakespeare and Dickens made casual references to what we would now
regard as obscure passages of scripture.”

Ah, yes, an important piece of literature, otherwise, I don’t know why you’d want to mess with it.

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