Obama’s Religion

A shocking survey reveals that when you have a Muslim father and a Muslim step-father, attend Islamic school as a child, then become president and do things like fall all over yourself to win favor in the Middle East and instruct NASA that their number one priority is Muslim outreach, then, as crazy as it … Read more

Sure, It Looks Dangerous…

… But if I could clear the bridge I could shave minutes off my commute!

The Blackmailer’s Paradox

Well, this explains a lot.  From the stuff-you-kind-of-intuitively-knew-already file, I give you the blackmailer’s paradox: “Someone offers Reuven and Shimon $1,000 together, if they can manage to agree on the question of how to split the money between them. Reuven says to Shimon: ‘Great, let’s split it half and half.’ Shimon says: ‘No. I am … Read more

"Their eyes aren’t open like mine are open."

Former Alabama and current San Francisco 49er running back Glen Coffee is leaving football because God has something bigger for him. What, he doesn’t know. But I bet it will be bigger. “I feel like it’s His will,” Coffee said. “It’s something that I really felt like I shouldn’t have entered the NFL in the … Read more

In the Beginning Was the Word, and Then It Got Tweeted

A man in the UK plans to post the entire Bible to Twitter, under the account @BibleSummary, between now and November 2013. Well, he just better use the King James version, on account’a that’s how Jesus talked when he tweeted! Anyways, in covering this little slice of life, if found it interesting to see what … Read more

They’re Bringing Back Looney Tunes, And It Might Not Be Terrible

Cartoon Network is launching a new show with brand-new Looney Tunes animated shorts. Normally, I would assume something like this would be a travesty and make me weep for my childhood, but it seems to be getting positive reviews so far, and the sample clip from a Road Runner & Coyote short is actually kind … Read more

"The Water’s As Clear As I’ve Ever Seen It"

That phrase was heard more than once during my family’s recent beach trip to the Gulf Coast.  And it’s true: It was so clear you could walk out into the Gulf neck-deep and still see your feet.  No tarballs on the beach; no sticky, staggering pelicans gasping for breath and smelling like the underside of … Read more