What Would Jesus Vandalize?

Well, here’s an interesting battle of wills: Controversial ‘atheist’ billboard is defaced The “Under God” spray-painted by vandals onto an atheist billboard on Billy Graham Parkway over the weekend won’t be gone until just before July 4, a spokesman for Charlotte Atheists & Agnostics said today. I’m torn over this.  Part of me thinks we … Read more

How Harsh Should You Be When a Bad Person Dies?

Robert Byrd, seen here on his way to steal the Building & Loan right out from under George Bailey Dead people are always good people, it seems.  No matter how loutish or abrasive a person was in his lifetime, even his enemies feel compelled to praise him when he passes. We want to try to … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Gets Into Dustup with Pro-Life Protesters

And apparently a completely unnecessary one which resulted from Kimmel’s show just hiring the wrong bunch of nimrods as a film crew. NewsBusters reportsthat four members of the pro-life group Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust got their hands on free tickets to the Jimmy Kimmel Show the other night and caused enough of a disruption during … Read more