I Intend to Protest This Post by Buying a Lot of Beer and Lottery Tickets

Bless Rod Dreher’s heart: he’s said something that’s bound to be misinterpreted and condemned, but something that had to be said anyway: “Shame on those stupid, selfish poor people.

I spend a lot of time talking about stupid, selfish rich people, usually in high finance, and the price innocent people pay for the foolish, immoral acts of the well-off and powerful. But many children of the poor are paying a terrible price for the stupid, selfish behavior of those entrusted to their care. And not only in Africa, but right here in America, too. … I have no pity, none at all, for adults whose self-indulgence makes those who depend on them for everything suffer. Whether you’re rich, poor or middle class, there are always economic consequences to bad character.

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