So Where Is Dennis Miller, Spiritually Speaking?

Image via Wikipedia I’ve been a fan of Dennis Miller for a long time, ever since he was the best Weekend Update anchor in the history Saturday Night Live. (Yes, yes, Chevy and Norm McDonald are close; Tina Fey, while hottish, is wildly overrated.)  It’s been interesting to watch his evolution over the years.  In … Read more

The Problem of Atheist Pastors

Well, yes, that would be a problem, wouldn’t it? And apparently it’s more of a problem than you’d think it would be (by which I mean, not a problem at all in this universe outside of John Updike novels). Rod Dreher has the thoroughly depressing details of a study of pastors who don’t believe in … Read more

Advertising That Works

This ad actually makes me want to buy a Kia. And that’s saying something. (via TTAC)

The Muslim Iwo Jima

Rod Dreher has one word for the proposal to build a mega-mosque near Ground Zero: insane. Of course it is wrong to blame all Muslims for 9/11. But why on earthrub salt in the wounds of the 9/11 dead by allowing a mosque to go injust two blocks from where jihadists incinerated or crushed over … Read more

Well, Now They’ve Gone Too Far

Ben Domenech reports on … I can hardly say it … it’s too terrible to contemplate … on the coming war on bacon! Having dramatically expanded the role of the government in yourdoctor’s office and your bank this year, the Obama administration isturning its attention to your kitchen. Sara Burrows, a reporter for theCarolina Journal, … Read more

The False Standard of God-Like Government

I’m getting a bizarre sense of déjà vu from watching all the heaping helpings of opprobrium being served to the Obama administration over the gulf oil spill. It’s reminding me a lot of the criticism that Bush took after Katrina hit, and it’s just as goofy, and just as disappointing as an indicator of how … Read more

The Economic Lessons We Haven’t Learned Yet

(Via Instapundit, as are all things) Walter Russell Mead lists the top 10 lessons of the global economic meltdown.  All the lessons are completely reasonable, and sometimes painfully obvious. And all the world’s governments will do their level best to ignore them all until they’re absolutely dipping under the waves for the third time. Some … Read more

What Happened, Happened

We’ve seen our last Lost (except for the ones that are playing in an alternate universe), so analysis of the series is reaching Zapruder-like proportions. With its extensive use of metaphor and imagery–particularly Christian imagery–it lends itself to quite a bit of analysis for a TV show.  Both and Think Christian took a crack … Read more

"For It"

(Via Ace) David Horowitz does question-and-answer with a student at UC San Diego dressed in her best “Lil’ Arafat” getup.  She is woefully outclassed; in spite of the fact that Horowitz has been giving these talks for years and coping with the nuttiest, most hateful loons that modern academia can throw at him (which is … Read more

We Can’t Have People Pointing Out How Stupid Our Senators Are

“Economist Tells Truth, Apologizes“

I Now Have No Excuse to Not Exercise

Hi, I’m a complete lazy lump.  What kind of physical activity is out there for a guy like me? Two words: couch bike!

Your Boring but Necessary Educational Video of the Day

Today it’s Six Reasons Why the Capital Gains Tax Should Be Abolished: Unfortunately, though these arguments are compelling (as compelling as a guy in a suit talking into the camera for six minutes can be), they’re unlikely to make much of a dent, because America’s tax system is largely based not on facts but on … Read more

Franklin Graham is Not So Easy to Ditch

Image by roberthuffstutter via Flickr A couple of days ago I linked to the story about Franklin Graham being disinvited from the National Day of Prayer service at the Pentagon because he had made some less-than-complementary comments about Muslims. Well, Graham demonstrated that he doesn’t need any stinking invitation to pray by showing up at … Read more

Where’s the Oil Spill?

USA Today is really good at those nifty infographic things, and they’ve got a handy one up that tracks the movement of the spill from the Deepwater Horizon.

Jennifer Knapp

Well, golly: Jennifer Knapp, a right popular Christian singer/songwriter around these parts, has come out of the closet.  I could say a lot on the subject, but I don’t think I could say it better than Trevin Wax in his post, “Why We Always Lose This Debate”: I’m convinced that we continue to lose the … Read more

Skip the College Education; Just Get the Tshirt

Seth Godin notices a problem (or two) with big-time, big-money, liberal arts college educations: A lot of these ills are the result of uniform accreditation programsthat have pushed high-cost, low-reward policies on institutions andrewarded schools that churn out young wanna-be professors instead ofexperiences that turn out leaders and problem-solvers. Just aswe’re watching the disintegration of … Read more

Pentagon Keeps National Day of Prayer Uncontaminated by Christians

RedState reports that Franklin Graham has been disinvited from speaking at the Pentagon’s National Day of Prayer service. I know what you’re thinking: “America still allows something called a National Day of Prayer?”  Believe me, I was as surprised as you are.  But it does make more sense when you realize that Christians can only … Read more

"You’ve Made Enough Money"

Ladies and gentleman, please note that you now live in a country where the President has said this: We’re not, we’re not trying to push financial reform because webegrudge success that’s fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certainpoint you’ve made enough money. We don’t begrudge your success, as long as you don’t … Read more