The Bracket Challenge of Everything: The Sweet 16!

It’s the Sweet 16 round! Who is the Butler of this tournament? Could it be candy?  Or maybe broken-in jeans? Stay tuned for the shocking results, and share your two cents in the comments.

1. Back Rubs

Because, who doesn’t like a good back rub, hmmm?

13. Good Parking Place

photo by Zach K

Wait, is that a handicapped spot? It’s not! Woo-hoo! 

2. Naps

photo by John-Morgan

We fight them as kids, but part of maturity is learning that naps are totally sweet.

vs. 6. Broken-In Jeans

photo by Zoë Campbell

For those of us who remember  when you couldn’t buy jeans that were already broken-in, this is especially sweet.

1. The Beach

photo by rayced

Where do people who live at the beach go on vacation? And why?

vs. 5. Pandora / iTunes / Your Favorite Music Service
 Apple iTunes Music Card  $15.00 - Prepaid
When you think of great 21st century innovations, freer access to lots of music has got to be close to the top.
3. facebook

400 million users can’t be wrong.

7. Having a Good Comeback

photo by Rennett Stowe

When you think of it in time to use it, instead of three days later.

1. Laughing

photo by cindy47452

 A strong #1 seed to say the least.

vs. 4. Sleeping In

photo by driki

The best kind of sleep comes after you roll over and go back to sleep.

2. Sunshine

photo by » Zitona «

On my shoulder, makes me happy.

vs. 14. Bikinis

photo by Harvard Avenue

Men like to look at them, and based on the absurd prices, I’m assuming that women like to buy them.

1. Bacon 

photo by shawnzam

Mmmmm… bacon.

vs. 4.Candy

photo by Amarand Agasi

It’s for more than just Halloween.

2. Winning

photo by Libby Marr

As in, winning a game or contest of some kind (Not, like, winning at life or anything as grand as that. Keeping it simple here, folks.)

3. Compound Interest 

photo by yomanimus

Albert Einstein called it a miracle, so it’s got that going for it.

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