Women Civilize Men

I’ve been saying this for a long time, and Jonah Goldberg agrees:

Female equality seems to be a pretty reliable treatment for many of the world’s worst pathologies. … Indeed, female empowerment might be the single best weapon in the “root causes” arsenal in the war on terror.

The reason strikes me as fairly simple. Women civilize men. As a general rule, men will only be as civilized as female expectations and demands force them to be. “Liberate” men from those expectations, and Lord of the Flies logic kicks in. Liberate women from this barbarism, and male decency will soon follow.

Men and women both have their roles to play in God’s great plan.  The aggressive risk-taking behavior of men is necessary for the expansion of civilization, and the temperance and moderation of women is necessary to keep us all from killing ourselves.  If you want to see what the world would look like without the moderating influence of women who are respected as equal members of society, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the modern Middle East.

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