You Never Know How Much You Might Influence Somebody

Via Hot Air, a crazy story about a woman who assaulted anti-abortion protesters on her way to get an abortion, and then changed her mind and had the baby.

“I was there to ask mothers not to kill their babies at the abortion
clinic,” she said. “She [Hall] was walking toward me. She pulled out a
knife and waved it at me saying ‘Don’t come near me.’ I said, ‘Please
don’t kill your baby. Fear God.’ I came to the edge of the courtyard. I
said, ‘Look and listen to your ultrasound.’ She turned around and came
back with a knife and held it up to my throat.”

She was arrested and pleaded guilty to assault. But the story takes an
unusual turn. Despite her assault against the pro-life protester, she didn’t get the abortion. Now, she’s thankful for Leah and Sarah Winandy’s intervention.

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