Sane Reporter Fired

I almost have to think that this is a joke, but absurdity is starting to blend into reality a lot lately.  From Creative Loafing: Atlanta Progressive News fires reported for trying to be objective.  Well of course.  Who can blame them, right?  A statement from the editor:

At a very fundamental, core level, Springston did not share our vision
for a news publication with a progressive perspective. He held on to
the notion that there was an objective reality that could be reported
objectively, despite the fact that that was not our editorial policy at
Atlanta Progressive News. It just wasn’t the right fit.

Ohhhhh-kay. I’m sure there are more newspapers that have the official position that there is no reality, but wow, it’s interesting to see it written out like that.  How do they enforce deadlines?  “Smith, where’s that story? It’s late!” “I won’t be bullied by your Westernized concept of time, you fascist!”

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