Some initial thoughts on Haiti:

— It is a bizarre world we live in, and a weird period in human history, where there can be catastrophes that cause such overwhelming devastation, and immediately afterward–and I mean within 24 hours–the biggest problem is where to park all the planes that are bringing in relief supplies. We are still at the mercy of nature, a fact that nature reminds us of in shocking ways from time to time.  But our capacity for responding and rebuilding is pretty impressive.

— Also impressive is the continuing depths of human avarice.  Charity scams responded to the Haiti news almost as fast as actual charities.  If you’re looking for a way to help, be selective about where you send your money.  Fox News provides some well-heeded warnings.  I recommend the highly respectable International Mission Board.

— But even though many scams exist, and I’m sure more are coming, that’s no reason not to give.  When we see a need, God expects us to try to meet it as well as we are able.  Be smart, do your research, and then give, trusting that He will make something good out of it.

— Ok, I’ve got to put the obligatory “Pat Robertson is a nut” post in here somewhere.  It’s tiresome, and I hate it because I feel like a lot of Christians and/or conservatives take too much glee in ripping him because it gives them the chance to look like the reasonable kind of Christian conservative, not like that nutbag Robertson.  They almost need him to exist so they can create a distinction between a stereotypical Christian and a real Christian–he’s the Goofus to their Gallant.  And of course, liberal commentators love him because they don’t think there is a distinction; he’s just exhibit A of what all Christians are really like, so they want to roll him out there every time they get the chance.

So, I’d rather just ignore him.  But he just keeps talking, so you have to say something. And geez, just look at the guy:

The person I feel most sorry for is his co-anchor, who has to sit there and nod agreeably while PeePaw has another one of his spells.  “A pact with the devil, you say? How very interesting.  Why don’t you finish your medication and tell me more?”  However much she gets paid, it’s not enough.

Let me officially say that his statement is ridiculous voodoo crap, and it’s not anything that any thinking Christian puts any stock in. Peter Wehner hits on it in the Corner:

Pat Robertson’s argument is as neat and clean as a mathematical equation: God grants blessings and curses on nations and people based on their allegiance and obedience to Him. If things are going well, you’re living right; if things are going badly, you’re living wrong. And it is Robertson himself who can divine the hierarchy of sins that most trouble God.

But this view simply does not correspond with any serious understanding of Christianity. After all, the most important symbol in Christianity is the Cross, which represents suffering, agony, and death.

Dear Pat Robertson, you are fantastically wealthy and have accomplished everything you’re going to accomplish.  Please stop talking now.

P.S. – Just to show that asininity runs both ways, here’s Big Government comparing Robertson’s idiocy to Danny Glover’s.

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