The Left’s War on Science

Baseball Crank, in a comprehensive series of posts, catalogs the abuse, misuse, and fraud that is thick on the ground whenever the political left comes in close contact with science.  He touches on a wide variety of subjects, but of course he also mentions everybody’s favorite scientific scandal du jour, Climategate:

…Climategate is
what happens when scientists think nobody is looking, or at least that
nobody is competent or willing to call them out. Given power, or the
ability to influence those in power, the scientists have acted the way
human beings have always acted around power. And because the Left
provides greater scope than the RIght for the exercise of power over
civil society in the name of what science says is good for us – and
because it denies the sources of moral remonstrance that can stand as a
bulwark against scientific hubris – it will continue to offer the
greatest temptations for scientists to be seduced by power.

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