A Christian Perspective on Black Friday

I used to say that Christmas was a month-long holiday that started the day after Thanksgiving and ended on New Year’s Day.  Now, it’s a two-month-long holiday that starts as soon as retailers have cleared out enough “90% percent off!” Halloween candy to make room for the Christmas tree displays, and ends after the last overpaid sportswriter has written the …

"It’s impossible, really, to caricature this White House"

The Baseball Crank has been fired up about political/legal happenings lately, and who can blame him? So, Barack Obama will be staging his own New York production of Chicago, with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as Roxy Hart (“You had it coming, you had it coming, you only have yourselves to blame….” ). We will be treated to months upon months of …

One Day, Everything Will Be Made Out of Bacon

I don’t want to ever be accused of not having enough bacon-related material on this blog, so with that in mind, I give you “MmmVelopes,” the envelopes with the bacon-flavored adhesive strip. It’s a shame I don’t mail anything anymore.  I’d almost consider getting a pen pal so I could use them, except that I’d rather use that time to …

My Eyes! It Burns!

Has anyone ever said to you, “Ewww! This smells terrible!  Smell it!”  Well, that’s what I’m doing here, except with YouTube:

When Does Life Begin, Y’all?

Alfonzo Rachel touches on some fundamental issues.