Why Baseball Isn’t Boring

A lot of people say they don’t like baseball because it’s so slow and boring.  But once you know how the game works and what to look for when you’re watching it, it’s hard to believe that so much is going on during every pitch.  As exhibit A, I give you this video of the battle of wits batween the catcher and the baserunner during one at bat of a Twins/Tigers game.

2 thoughts on “Why Baseball Isn’t Boring”

  1. My whole family stayed up too late watching the end of the Phillies/ Rockies game the other night.
    Nail biter was the word for it…
    I’l admit, I am the sports fan in my family…teaching the girls to love the games, too. I also admit to watching golf…though I do not play…and the annual Tour de France has the whole family held hostage…Mostly, though…give me football and baseball!


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