Prithee, What Price Victory?

ESPN’s Bill Simmons, in pointing out the lameness of the WNBA, once encouraged readers to try this experiment: Go up to an average sports fan in a WNBA city and ask him which of these things he would rather happen: his WNBA team wins the world championship, or he finds a $5 bill on the ground.

I would bet most sports fans wouldn’t pass up an easy fin to get a WNBA title. However, this hypothetical got me to thinking: I wounder what response you’d get from asking the same question to fans about their favorite college football team. In fact, knowing what I know about college football fans, what I really wonder is how much cash it would take to get the fan to choose found money over the national championship.$100? $500? Here in Alabama, my guess is that the average number would have to be well north of $1000.

So how ’bout it, all you hard-core boosters? If I gave you a choice between finding [blank] dollars, and your team winning the national championship, how much money would have to go in the [blank] for you to take it?