7 Quick Takes Friday


1) Blogging (and writing in general) always seems like a good idea, but it is an easy habit to get out of. I’m glad there are low impact options like Twitter and this “7 Quick Takes” idea from Jen to give me a reason to get back on the horse.

2) Speaking of Jen, in her 7 Quick Takes today she mentions this article from The Wall Street Journal on the “third man phenomenon”—apparently, in times of stress or danger, some people will imagine that there is another, unseen presence with them.  The sensation is so strong that they will take the presence into account when they’re dividing up food rations.  I kept waiting for the author to mention, even in passing or jokingly, the idea of guardian angels. But he never did.  Hmmm…

3) And speaking of blogging, last night the wife and I went to see Julie & Julia. (Three-second review: The part about Julie was pretty standard Nora Ephron fare, but the part about Julia Child was really good. Made me hungry.) It’s the first movie I’ve ever seen that centers around someone writing a blog.  Movies about blogging. Welcome to new media.

4) I had a terrible stomach virus last week (my Twitter quote from P.J. O’Rourke is all you need to know about that). And with all the fluids flying out of my body, I managed to gain five pounds.  Can anyone explain to me how that works? I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 3 months, plus the recent involuntary fluid loss, and I’m getting fatter.  Is this a side effect of marriage or something?

5) I am now convinced that, when my house finally sells, it will be at the very, farthest, deepest, Marianas Trench of the housing market. Which will be followed by my having to buy a house after the most miraculous one-week turnaround skyrocket of housing prices in the history of real estate. Also, a quadrupling of interest rates. But if you want to know when the bottom is, wait until my house sells.  That’s the bottom.

6) Hey, that Ted Kennedy sure was a heck of a guy, huh?

7) I leave you with these three words: Tactical Canned Bacon!


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